Finally, An Easy Way to Lose Weight Without Starving!

Finally, An Easy Way to Lose Weight Without Starving!

Have you heard about the Ketogenic Diet?

Did you know that you can be a Vegan and reap the many benefits of a low carb, high fat Keto diet too! Yes, Vegan Keto is possible!

But isn’t fat bad for us? Actually, fats are good for us; the good fats are. Too many carbs, sugar, grains and starches are the real villains! They are the cause of most of the ills that fats have been blamed for.

I’m speaking from experience when, after being a Vegan for 2 years, I had gained 40 pounds, and it wasn’t muscle. I tried many things to lose the weight, most of them impossible, until I discovered the marvels of good fats added to my diet. Discovering that one unknown, I was finally able to cut out excess carbs and drop from 200 pounds down to my ideal weight of 160 in about 3 months. Without the oils and fats, I would have been starving, craving carbs and exhausted. With them I lost body fat without hunger and gained enormous energy and stamina, mental clarity and I sleep a lot better!

Many of our Vegan friends have confided their concerns about eating too many carbs and sugars resulting in weight gain and frequent sudden hunger waves.

Gnawing hunger is an unwelcome symptom after eating carbs, that can plague Vegans and turn on cravings for more sugars and starches or even animal protein. Eating good oils soon eliminates the craving for carbs and the body starts using fats as it’s main fuel – Ketosis.

Sugar and starch, (same thing), spike insulin and kick in the fat storing mechanisms in the liver resulting in rapid weight gain in most people over the age of 20 something! The sugar in the blood is converted to fat which is deposited all over the body beginning with the liver. Fatty liver and gall bladder problems are no stranger to many Vegans and Vegetarians because of high carb intake.

It’s a vicious cycle and an incredibly hard habit to kick, until that is, the introduction of healthy fats into the diet.

Enter Ketosis…

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose (sugar) for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of ketones within the body. Some people encourage ketosis by following a diet called the Ketogenic or Low-Carb Diet that restricts grains, sugars and starches and replaces them with the intake of healthy oils and fats instead. The results are uniformly spectacular, shattering the myth that fats are the cause of obesity, diabetes, liver disease etc. In fact, these conditions and many more are usually reversed on the Ketogenic Diet.

A ketogenic diet has the answers to rapid fat burning and elimination of cravings for sugar and carbs. A vegan diet has health and ethical benefits that can’t be denied. Most of us think of meat, eggs and dairy when we think about a keto diet, but Vegans can also kick the carb addiction by applying the principles of ketogenic eating using vegetable sources. Check out this list of healthy fats for Vegans

Why not reap the amazing benefits of both of these time-honored eating styles!

For an in-depth description of the principles of a Vegan/Keto lifestyle, go to this link:


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