Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten Free Pizza

If you’ve been searching for a simple yet delicious recipe for gluten-free pizza dough but aren’t thrilled with cauliflower crusts, then look no further! We’ve been searching and experimenting with different recipes for a while now and this one really does a good job of satisfying that pizza craving!

Before you start, here are some recommended tools:

A pizza stone. You may be thinking do I really need that? Well, you can do without it but it really helps cook the crust evenly and make it crispy. It also keeps the pizza warm while you are serving and eating it.  We found one for $10 at Home Goods so you definitely don’t need to spend a fortune on it. If you don’t have one, just cook it on parchment and directly on the rack.

Parchment paper. This crust is kinda gooey when its raw and you need the parchment paper to spread it out on and transfer to the stone. You will cook it on the parchment whether you use a pizza stone or not.



If using a pizza stone, put it in the oven and set it to 425°F . Leave the pizza stone in the oven to heat up while you prepare the crust.

Put the mozzarella cheese and butter in a pan to heat on stove (or in dish to melt in microwave 1 -2 minutes) heat until cheese is completely melted. Stir the butter and cheese until combined then add the egg and use a hand mixer to completely blend.

Add in the almond flour and salt and beat with the hand mixer until it is fully combined and looks like a dough. At point you should have a sticky dough that can be formed into a ball. While you get the toppings prepared, put the dough in the freezer to set. Alternatively, you can place it between two sheets of parchment paper and roll out the dough into the size you want and place it on the pizza stone and start pre-baking it.

Chop up your toppings, veggies and whatever else you are putting on it.

The trick to making this crust perfect is to pre-bake it. Once you load it up with the toppings, it won’t crisp up and you will have a soggy middle crust and no one likes that.

After you’ve gotten your toppings prepared, take the crust out of the freezer and using a silicone spatula spread it onto a piece of parchment. I usually start with a ball in the middle and flatten it and then spread it out as evenly as possible until you have formed a circle to fit the size of your pizza stone. Then poke it all over with a fork and place it on the pre-heated pizza stone for about 10 minutes or until starting to get golden brown. I leave the oven light on and watch it to make sure its not getting too done. Take it out once its got started to brown up. Leave the pizza stone in the oven so it doesn’t cool off, just remove the parchment with it.

Now load up your pizza with sauce, cheese and toppings and place it back on the pizza stone to cook for about 8-10 minutes until your cheese is bubbly and the crust is brown and your toppings look done.

Confession: The heart pizza photo isn’t the actual pizza. This pizza is too delicious to make it into a cute little heart you want every inch you can get on that pizza stone!  Below is a picture of the actual pizza with this crust recipe. As you can see we also take full advantage of the crust and there isn’t a big “crust edge” but trust me, this is such a good substitute for the pizza we are used to! Enjoy!!!


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