How do I clean my nut milk bag?

Hand wash with warm water in a mild soap, air dry. It can also put it in the washing machine with a mild detergent but it needs to air dry, do not put it in the dryer. It dries super-fast, you will probably find its dry when you take it out of the washer after the spin cycle.

My nut milk bag is stained, is it still ok to use?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with a stained bag. Certain ingredients can stain the bag, especially if you are using it for coffee or juices. However, it won't affect the performance of the bag. Some people prefer to have a separate bag dedicated to different uses. 
For removing any stains, we recommend soaking the bag in a little warm water with a 20% hydrogen peroxide mixture. You definitely should avoid any products with bleach in them as they will damage the nylon.  

How long will my nut milk bag last?

This will depend a lot on how much it gets used. If you wash it after use and stretch it out for drying, it will be good for some time. If you notice that its not performing as well anymore, it may be time to get a new one.

Can I use my nut milk bag with boiling liquids?

The nylon used in our bags reaches its softening point at 374 degrees and melts at 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The safe operating temperature is no higher than 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore we don't recommend using it on temperatures over 190 degrees. 

Hot beverages such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate are frequently served at temperatures between 160 degrees and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Brief exposures to liquids in this temperature range can cause significant scald burns so it is recommended that you let your liquid cool before using it with the nut milk bag. 
Additionally, since the stated purpose for our bag is to be used for straining low temperature food products, we don't warranty its use for high temperature applications.

How do I keep my yogurt from straining through the bag?

It is very important to place the yogurt into the strainer GENTLY without liquefying it. This is the most important rule for making Greek yogurt. Any yogurt strainer will allow the yogurt to strain out if it is disturbed too much in the process. Use the steps below:

1. Place the bag in a bowl and gently with a large utensil (spoon) scoop it out and place it in the bag so it stays in one solid gelatinous mass.

2. Then you can slowly place the rest of the yogurt on top of it inside the bag on top of the first piece that is laying in the bowl.

3. Once the yogurt is all inside the bag, gently raise it above the bowl and hang it from a cabinet handle or something high enough to keep it above the bowl allowing the whey to slowly drain into the bowl.

What is the best way to squeeze the bag?

Instead of squeezing you are going to knead the bag. The best way to do this is to twist the bag until it is not bulbous but somewhat kneadable (you want to be able to move the contents around when you knead it).  

Hold the twisted top end of the bag between the thumb and base of the forefinger, to prevent the contents from escaping out the top) then begin kneading the contents of the bag back and forth mixing the pulp in with the liquid as you knead. You’ll be amazed at how much faster the milk comes out. Then as the contents of the bag decrease, twist it more and repeat the process until there is nothing left in the bag except the pulp. This works fantastic!

This process works because it is cleaning the inside surface of the bag of the pulp allowing the liquid to penetrate the bag. This also saves the wear and tear on the bag. 

How many cups of almonds are in your bags?

Each pound is roughly 3 cups of almonds, so in our 3 LB bag you get approximately 9 cups of almonds. 

I want to get the free e-book that came with my purchase. How do I get it?

You can click on the Ebook tab on our website or go here to download it. 

What is your return policy?

We hope you love our products but if for any reason you don't, please let us know  within 30 days and we will take care of you. 

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