5 New Ways to Use Nut Milk Bags that Don’t Involve Milk

5 New Ways to Use Nut Milk Bags that Don’t Involve Milk

Nut milk bags are essential  for creating delicious homemade nut milk. These incredible bags do not stop at just making nut milk. You can get more out of your nut milk bag by knowing its diverse applications all around the kitchen, and elsewhere.

Juice Creations

To make juice, a juicer is not always needed. By having a blender and a nut milk bag, you can create the smoothest juices imaginable. Vegetables like cucumbers or celery, apples and lemons, greens and even ginger will go great in a blender for juices. Depending on how the juice comes out, sometimes water may need to be added to the blend. After blending your mix smooth, pour it into the nut milk bag and knead the pulp to release all the nutritious juices. This results in ultra-smooth, delicious juice. Just pour and enjoy! 

Herb Sachet

Herbs have been used for centuries for their flavor and enhancement of food and dishes. Sometimes, however, when herbs are added to infuse a dish, they may leave a gritty or twiggy residue. Fresh herbs such as thyme, bay leaves, rosemary and others with rough texture are not meant to add substance, but add flavor. By using a nut milk bag to hold your herbs, you can tie the bag’s top closed and let the herb bag simmer in the food dish. This method can prevent the need to fish out the loose herbs in the dish, allowing easy removal.  

Cold-Brewed Coffee

Coffee has various benefits for each individual that chooses to indulge. Special cold-brew equipment doesn’t have to be purchased to achieve excellent results, however. In a large container, add coarse ground fresh coffee beans along with water. All the ground coffee must be submerged in the water, this can be done by stirring. The container of moistened coffee beans can then be covered at let sit for around 15 hours. After this time, grab your nut milk bag and use it to pour the mixture through, collecting it in a large pitcher. Your wonderful cold-brewed coffee is ready to drink and can be chilled and stored for up to two weeks! Only use coarse ground coffee as you would in a french press. Used as recommended, using coarse ground coffee, Ellie’s Best nut milk bags give you the ability to make cold-brewed coffee without having to filter it twice.

Clarified Butter

Clarified butter can be very useful and delicious to keep on hand in your kitchen. When making it, milk solids and foaminess will begin to float in a saucepan that is melting solid butter. After skimming off the milk solids and removing the butter from the heat, it’s time to strain. Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Bags are excellent for this purpose since they strain phenomenally well with their 100 micron mesh!


By sprouting certain foods, the food’s enzyme inhibitors will be neutralized. This is beneficial because although the food is already nutritional, sprouting increases the nutritional value. This nutritional gain happens because sprouting removes the anti-nutrients. Sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains can be done in a nut milk bag. All you do is soak the nuts, seeds or grains, in Ellie’s Best nut bag overnight in water, rinsing with fresh water once per day. A few days in, violà! You have sprouted nuts, grains, or seeds to enjoy in all sorts of recipes including salads and baked goodies.

Indeed, nut milk is not the only delicious creation you can make with nut milk bags. Ellie’s Best nut milk bags are made with food grade commercial nylon mesh. With a wide opening and rounded corners for the elimination of waste and messy pouring, Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Bags are simply the best you can buy and are the #1 best seller in the world. Try one, you will be VERY glad you did! 


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