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Pink Pitaya Moon Milk

This pink frothy concoction is not your ordinary drink... besides being absolutely gorgeous and sending your taste buds to the heavens, moon milk is an ancient tradition in Ayurveda, natural [...]

Ellie’s Best

Products to make your life better, healthier & simpler

We started Ellie’s Best with a simple mission…develop and improve products that help people lead healthier less complicated lives. We started with our Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag because we saw the need for a better way to make nut milk at home. The customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so we knew we were on to something good!

We vigorously test all our products and make sure they meet our high standards of quality before we offer them for sale. As a young company we are constantly developing new products to bring our customers better choices to make life simple fun and frustration free!

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Athena & Mike

Coconut Oil Fixes Everything.

Well…maybe not everything. But a LOT of things. Use it directly on your hair, your skin, create your own skin and hair care products with it. Use it for massage and aromatherapy. Experiment and find new uses for it!


Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Bag

The best and most durable product ever for homemade nut milks.Preferred by chefs and natural food lovers everywhere for its super strong construction and pulp-free performance. Our bag makes squeezing easier for faster results, and you’ll never have to filter your almond milks or cold brew coffee twice.