FAQ About Nut Milk Bags: Everything You Need to Know

FAQ About Nut Milk Bags: Everything You Need to Know

We like to start out each year helping our readers with their New Year’s health resolutions. We search out the most convenient and of course delicious options we can find after the holiday splurging. What seems to commonly occur, however, is that our healthy habits do not always extend throughout the year.  One popular food tempts our pallet with cravings nearly every day – milk. Delicious drinks and foods of all kinds are derived from milk or contain it, but there is a healthier alternative to indulge your milk needs.  Cow’s milk is losing its market share, as more people are choosing other options that fit the purpose, like almond milk, etc.  Nut milk bags, which are used to make this healthy substitute, are the answer to REAL Almond milk made fresh at home.  They also have many other uses beyond just nut milks.

What Are Nut Milk Bags?

A nut milk bag, also called a nut bag, almond milk bags, cheesecloth bags and a dozen other words people call these nut bags, are the best tool that you can use to quickly make fresh, living and very nutritious milks. Also used for cold brew, Greek yogurt, green juice, cauliflower straining, sprouting etc, right from your home. Many choices exist in the process of selecting mesh materials for the bags. Ellie’s Best nut milk bag is made from specially selected, commercial grade nylon mesh material. This ensures the strongest durability and perfect straining for pulp free results. 

How Does A Nut Milk Bag Work?

What the bag does, is it separates the solid parts from the liquid parts of the milk, or your other creations. The mesh material of the bag will only let the liquid flow through at the perfect rate, leaving the solid parts trapped inside. When using the bag, there are methods of proper squeezing that can optimize the use of your bag. The result is REAL NUT MILKS without the additives, thickeners,  and health hazards of plastic lined containers.

What Can Nut Milk Bags Be Used For?

Understandably, everyone has preferences for the way they like their food, drinks, and recipes. By making your own blends and recipes for your favorite filtered drinks etc , you can alter the strength, taste, and size of portions. If you desire smoother drinks, using a durable nut bag that can filter properly will ensure separation of the solid parts from the liquid portions.

Many people like to make green juice or smoothies, that don’t contain fiber or pulp.

Using our nut milk bags to strain these can makes a smooth, filtered drink after blending fruits and vegetables.  Cold brew coffee is a breeze using our filter bags. The bags can also be used for sprouting nuts and seeds which creates living, healthy snacks. You can even make clarified butter, using the nut milk bag to separate the milk solids. Healthy cheeses and yogurts can also be made by using Ellie’s nut milk bags. Real nut milks like fresh homemade almond milk, provides you with milk alternatives to add to smoothies, soups, pudding, raw ice-cream, anywhere cow’s milk would be used.

When making these delicious creations, don’t forget about the leftover pulp! You can actually use the leftover almond pulp for making flours, adding to pie crusts and cookies, even facial scrubs!

What Is The Best Nut Milk Bag?

With hundreds of bags to choose from on the market today, how do you choose the best nut milk bag considering value for cost?  Ellie’s Best nut milk bags are just what you are looking for in top quality and performance. That is why they are the best selling NMB’s in the world!

These smartly designed nut milk bags are the result of years of experience, and are based on customer requests for the perfect combination of squeezability, long lasting durability and pulp free results every time.  With more surface area and excellent shape and size they produce high volume quickly and clean up easily. For mess and waste elimination, the bags have a wider opening and rounded corners. Restaurant tested by chefs, our food grade commercial nylon mesh, means strength and lasting performance. With Ellie’s Best nut milk bags, you can truly enjoy healthy eating right from home.


Ellie's Best


Ellie's Best

Did you mean 200 mesh bag which would be the equivalent 2 a 75 micron bag? Because I’ve never seen in all my searches a 200 micron bag

Ellie's Best

Hi Jason,

An 80 micron bag will technically strain more pulp however we have found it strains too much, leaving the milk watery. With a 200 micron bag it strains all of the pulp but leaves the milk smooth and creamy. We have done extensive research and have come to the conclusion with certainty that a 200 micron bag is the best choice!

Ellie's Best

Which nut milk bag will strain more pulp? 200 micron or an 80 micron? Is it the higher or lower the number that strains more?

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