Store Bought Nut Milk: 5 Things They Aren’t Telling You

Store Bought Nut Milk: 5 Things They Aren’t Telling You

As rising evidence emerges to the public on the negative effects of drinking cow’s milk, vegan options in stores have also risen. Alternative milk products have begun to take popularity in many new brands, and likewise in brands previously established on animal-derived milk products. Having these milk substitutes in supermarkets may seem like a dream for health conscious or lactose-free product consumers. After soy milk was discovered as problematic, nut milk of various sorts gained more of a reputation boost in the alternative milk market.

With all the hype and excitement on store-bought, non-dairy milk options, why should we be avoiding these?

How Many Almonds Are In Store-Bought Almond Milk?

With a huge almond image on the front of your half gallon store-bought almond milk carton, you would think the purchase is gaining you a decent amount of real almond milk. The unfortunate fact is, some brands of almond milk only consist of around 2% actual almonds. As the price point of almond milk is considerably low compared to even an entire bag of store purchased almonds, is reasonable to think that more ingredients must be in the half gallon carton.

Is Store-Bought Almond Milk Actually Good For You?

The nutrition content in store-bought almond milk is not only less value than what we crave, but also incredibly low for what we expect in well-marketed brands. Cashew milk, coconut milk, hemp, flax, and other types of nut milk are some dairy substitutes highly accredited for their health content. The brands that supply these options off the supermarket shelf do not add their main ingredients on the front of the carton. Many synthetic vitamins are added to this milk that can actually cause side effects you did not ask for with your purchase. Some of these synthetic vitamins can be labeled as Vitamin A, Vitamin D2, Palmitate, Calcium Carbonate, and more. The recommended intake of sugar per day for an adult is around 27-35 grams. Most almond milk available in stores is around 7-20 grams per serving. Check off your daily sugar with two glasses of this milk.

Store-Bought Nut Milk Could Be Affecting Your Health Negatively

If you’ve had nut milk before, why would there be a problem with store-bought nut milk? The additives in supermarket purchased nut milk practically erase all the healthy natural vitamins and nutrients you know to be in almonds. In relation to store-bought nut milk not being very good for you, your body views synthetic vitamins and some other added ingredients as foreign. Your immune system can lower over time by your body fighting against these ingredients.

Each almond in its own contains a concentrated burst of around one-fifth of a gram of protein in its natural form. Most companies who create nut milk for the supermarket shelves add sweeteners as well as carrageenans (a thickening agent). This can actually cause stomach issues, and override the benefits of the few almonds actually added.

Sprouted Wonders of Nut Milk

Soaking almonds helps release the enzymes that sprout the almonds, which makes them more “alive” and digestible. The release of nutrients is more prominent, and the body absorbs them better. Even the finest nut milk that is bought in the store will not be produced with sprouted almonds. By using a nut milk bag for homemade creations, the quality of a higher almond ratio and a freshly sprouted option is worth the buy, and can even equal the same price ratio of store-bought milk. Without the unnecessary extra ingredients, the health benefits of sprouted and natural almond milk are obtainable right from your home with nut milk bags.

Homemade Nut Milk Is Delicious and Nutritious

If nut milk has gained your attention for its health benefits and delicious taste, you can rest assured there is the best nut milk available. Ellie’s Best nut milk bags are incredibly unique, easy to squeeze, and are the most versatile bags available. By purchasing nut milk from supermarkets, you don’t get the flexibility to create your own nut milk, juices, and even yogurt! Real almond milk from a nut milk bag is high in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Its also low in calories and you can add your own sweetness level if necessary.

Making your own nut milk at home has endless perks. Nut milk bags can allow you to create rich and smooth milk, coffees, and even vegan cheese. You can use the leftover pulp to make almond flour and also face scrubs. Fresh is simply the best, and Ellie’s best has the best nut milk bags to get you going on a healthy nut milk binge.


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