The Benefits of Homemade Nut Milk

The Benefits of Homemade Nut Milk

Our BIGGER Better Nut Milk Bag is perfect for making nut milks, juices and sprouting!

You may be asking yourself, what is wrong with just buying the packaged nut milk at the store? It’s so much more convenient! Well, here are some reasons…

Store bought nut milk contains unpronounceable ingredients that the big companies have to put in.  In order for packaged nut milks to have any sort of shelf life it has to be pasteurized, which means it’s heated at high temperatures and then packaged in a “specially designed” protective carton. The nut milk is no longer “raw” and that protective carton is lined with plastic (polyethylene) and aluminum, both known to be toxic.

Most nut milks contain the ingredient carrageenan which is a food additive that is an emulsifier, thickener or stabilizer. When you are making fresh nut milk there is no need for any additives and no need to stabilize it and those mysterious “natural flavors” listed on the packaging are anyone’s guess. Then there is the sugar content…13 grams in their sweetened products–per cup! Yikes!

Now, let me tell you as somewhat of a lazy person, I prefer to do things the easy way but I also want to do it the healthy way. Making nut milk at home sounds like a daunting task but its actually SO easy and takes less than 5 minutes, really! I promise! Once you have soaked your nuts in water overnight (how easy is that, you do it while you sleep!) then it’s as fast as rinsing the nuts, throwing them in the blender with water and any sweeteners you want, and or salt and then pouring it over a bowl into the nut milk bag, squeezing it out and voila! – You have delicious homemade preservative free nut milk! It’s best cold so put it in the fridge a few hours and its ready. Easy peesy! :0)

Get started making your own delicious nut milk, click here to purchase, and the BIGGER Better Nut Milk Bag will be on its way to you! When you purchase our nut milk bag you will receive a special bonus e-book packed with our favorite recipes for use with the bag.

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