The Benefits of Infused Water and 5 Tasty Flavor Ideas

The Benefits of Infused Water and 5 Tasty Flavor Ideas

Drinking more water is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your mood and health. Many of us have made it a personal goal to stay better hydrated this year. After all, studies have shown that drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism, improves brain function, and flushes out toxins from your system. That’s reason enough to be constantly drinking water, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to remember to consume those liquid ounces, and even when we do remember, we can’t get past the fact that water just seems so boring. Well, all you need to completely reinvent your water intake is an infusion pitcher glass. Wit this you can make your own infused water to help you get through the day.

Infused Water Health Benefits

If you’ve been developing headaches and feeling sluggish during the day, it’s probably because you aren’t drinking enough water. According to research, the average person should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. That seems like a lot of water, which is why many of us turn to sugary drinks, which are high in calories, or caffeinated beverages, which only end up leaving us more dehydrated. This is where infused water comes to the rescue. Infused water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated and invigorate your senses with natural flavors from your favorite fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. The following are just a few ways infused water can benefit your health:

  • It flushes toxins from your system
  • It improves your mood
  • It fills you up so you snack less
  • It helps you recuperate faster from a workout
  • It keeps you from feeling groggy in the afternoon
  • It reduces muscle fatigue during workouts
  • It naturally boosts your metabolism
  • It keeps food moving through your system
  • It naturally helps your body release fat cells
  • It’s a tasty substitute for other sugary drinks made with processed sugars

How to Make Infused Water

Infused water may sound a little fancy, but making your own infused water doesn’t require any hard-to-get ingredients and materials or expensive equipment. You can simply use whatever fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices you already have at home and a glass infusion pitcher to easily mix and store your infusion water concoction in the fridge. The best thing about a glass pitcher with an infuser is that it allows you to refill the water a few times and let it infuse again and again to get the most out of your ingredients. The following are five tasty flavor ideas for your next batch of infused water:


  • Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint – You’ve probably had cucumber water before, but adding pineapple and mint really ups the ante, with a natural sweet and citrus flavor.
  • Blueberry, Lemon & Mint – Blueberry lemonade is always a favorite summertime drink, and this healthy infused water version with mint is guaranteed to please.
  • Green Apple, Raspberry & Rosemary – Rosemary isn’t just for chicken dinners. The herb has a number of natural benefits, and when mixed with green apple and raspberry, it creates an infused water flavor that is crisp and refreshing.
  • Kiwi & Blackberry – Blackberries are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and kiwis pack their own health benefits. Together, the fruits offer a refreshing flavor that is both sweet and tangy.
  • Ginger & Lime – Not only can ginger reduce muscle pain and soreness, it has other scientifically-proven benefits for the body and brain. Mixed with lime in infused water, ginger can power you through the day without extra sugar or caffeine.


Start Making Your Own Infused Water

There’s no doubt about it, drinking water is good for your health. If you find yourself reaching for another cup of coffee or a can of soda because you can’t drink another drop of water, infused water could be the change you need to improve your health and kick your caffeine habit for good. Make a batch of infused water with your glass infusion pitcher in the morning, drink it throughout the day for a natural boost, and you’ll never have trouble staying hydrated again!

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