PRO QUALITY NUT MILK BAG with Blue Spirulina Superfood Powder

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  • The #1 TOP SELLING BIG 12X12 NUT MILK BAG! Smartly Designed in Response to Customer Requests for a Bigger Better Quality Bag Than the Small Egg-Shaped Ones, With a Wider Opening and Rounded Corners to Eliminate Waste and Messy Pouring. Designed with the best FOOD GRADE commercial nylon mesh - It's the perfect shape & size with more surface area to squeeze - Avoid problems with inferior bags - Get Professional Quality and Design - Guaranteed or your $ back.
  • SUPER STRONG CONSTRUCTION AND PULP FREE PERFORMANCE! It's Easier to Squeeze for Faster Results & You'll NEVER Have to Filter Your Almond Milks or Cold Brew Coffee Twice. Fast Drying and Mold Free With Nylon Drawstring. Makes Small 8oz or Big 4 Quart Recipes Easily. SQUEEZE AS HARD AS YOU WANT IT'S RESTAURANT TESTED!! - ELLIE'S BEST IS THE LONGEST LASTING STRONGEST & MOST VERSATILE NUTBAG & NYLON FOOD STRAINER AVAILABLE.
  • FINE ITALIAN NYLON MESH – FOOD GRADE CERTIFIED - BPA FREE- TRIPLE NYLON SEAMS  IT WORKS BETTER THAN CHEESECLOTH & OUTLASTS CHEESE CLOTH - You Can Squeeze it With Both Hands Unlike the Smaller Bags - The Best Almond Milk Maker - Vitamix Blender Juicer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker - You Get Professional Quality & the Best Designed Bag of Them All - Guaranteed or Your Money Back - Start Making the Most Nutritious, Creamy & Silky Smooth, Nut Milks.
  • YOUR PRO QUALITY BAG COMES WITH A VALUABLE BONUS - A FREE RECIPE E-BOOK & HOW TO VIDEOS - OUR FAVORITE RECIPES INCLUDE UNIQUE AND YUMMY CHOCOLATE, STRAWBERRY & BANANA DRINKS! Valuable drink recipes to get you started making perfect Nut Milks. So go to the web address on the package label to get your free e-book and videos. We 100% Guarantee You Will Love It!

    Pure Brilliant Blue Spirulina Extract- Also known as Phycocyanin Powder For Super Nutrition & Fun Food Creations - 2.11 oz / 60 grams. Super concentrated so a little goes a long way!

    •  Pure and Powerful Nutrient Dense Superfood - Intense Food Coloring for Smoothie Bowls, Nut Milks, Yogurt Creations and Smoothies. Nature's Safe Answer to Toxic Chemical Food Additives.
    • 100% Blue Spirulina/Phycocyanin Powder, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Raw. This Blue Powder is a beautiful indigo that brings brilliant color to your favorite recipes! This eye-popping superfood not only provides spectacular color but provides a nutritional boost unlike other food colors.
    • Our amazing Blue Extract of Spirulina is a plant-based natural superfood. The natural food color is super concentrated so a little goes a long way! It won't mask the flavors of your recipes when making a smoothie or colorful dessert. Try all of our Brilliant Superfoods and create inspiring food recipes that will amaze!
    • Use it in smoothie bowls, smoothies, ice cream or teas and enjoy all the benefits of this naturaly pure, chemical free blue powerhouse!
    • As always we promise you'll be happy or it's on us! From Ellie's Best. Keeping it Simple, Fresh & REAL!


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