Micro Strainer Bags Assortment - 3 Pack

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The #1 TOP SELLING NUT MILK BAG - Our Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag are smartly designed with a wide opening and rounded corners to eliminate waste and messy pouring. It's the perfect shape & size (12"x12") with more surface area and 200 micron food grade mesh to squeeze and get perfect results every time! It can easily strain up to 2 Quarts of liquid at once.

Our COLD BREW COFFEE FILTER BAG with drawstring is 8" x 12" and suitable to fit in a mason jar and most pitchers. Made with 100 micron ultra fine REUSABLE food grade BPA-free nylon mesh.

Our GREEK YOGURT STRAINER BAG - 16" x 9" bowl shape bag that can be used with or without a colander up to 10.5 inch diameter and 6.5 inch tall. With it's 1 gallon capacity and adjustable cord lock to secure the bag to the colander while pouring, your yogurt making is made easy! Made from ultra-fine 100 micron mesh to ensure only the whey gets strained. 

All of our bags guarantee EASY CLEAN UP - They are fast drying and mold free!

BONUS - A FREE RECIPE E-BOOK & HOW TO VIDEOS  Yummy recipes to get you started making perfect Nut Milks and more.

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