Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bags - 2 Pack

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2 High Quality Nut Milk Bags made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

They are made with unbleached heavy duty organic cotton. Smartly designed for those who want quality and problem free straining and organic, natural fiber benefits.

They are easy to Squeeze and a pleasure to use. Our Organic Cotton Cheesecloth nut milk bags allow you to squeeze out the smoothest, most delicious nut milks, juices, coconut milk, and any other filtering jobs with ease, leaving behind all the unwanted pulp.

They're perfect for Nut Milks, Cheese Making, Tea, Yogurt, Juices, Wine Making, Soup Sachet, Herbs. And it's got a drawstring closure. The weave of these is perfect for smooth creamy vegan milks and juices and is much tighter than grade 90 cheesecloth but not as tight as a 200 micron nut milk bag.

Designed with the seams on the outside of the bag to make it MUCH easier to clean. Our triple stitched bottom makes it EXTRA-STRONG and DURABLE.

As always, our cotton bags, and all our fine products are made to ensure YOU'LL LOVE IT, OR IT'S OUR TREAT!

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