Greek Yogurt Maker Straining Bag

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  • TRANSFORM YOUR PLAIN YOGURT INTO GREEK YOGURT! The Ellie's Best greek yogurt maker bag is FOOD GRADE & BPA FREE Fine Nylon Mesh 16-in x 9-in Multi-Purpose Reusable - Use it as a  Cheese Cloth for straining any desired food product.  It can be used with or without a colander up to 10.5 inch diameter and 6.5 inch tall
  • HIGHER STRAINER VOLUME CAPACITY - This strainer strains up to 1 gallon of your favorite instant pot yogurt, nut milk, almond milk, cold brew coffee, cheese or other fine foods
  • ADJUSTABLE CORD LOCK TO SAFELY SECURE THE BAG WHILE STRAINING - the strainer bags can be adjusted around the rim of the colander strainer so it stays secure and tight to ensure your food doesn't fall back into the strained liquid
  • ULTRA-FINE 100-MICRON SIZE NYLON MESH FOR SUPERIOR QUALITY THAT LASTS FOR MANY YEARS - our nylon mesh filter bags are food-safe and can be used instead of cheesecloth or other less desirable filters. Stop using disposable filters and save lots of money in the long-term with Ellie's Best nylon mesh strainer bags. Just add your strained Greek yogurt into any bowl, container or jars and store in the fridge.
  • ELLIE'S BEST 100 LOVE IT! GUARANTEE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If don't LOVE your Greek yogurt straining bag, please contact us and we will refund or replace your product immediately. We’re a USA-based company and you can connect with us at Ellie's Best for instant customer support!

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