Wild Harvest Sweet Raw Sproutable Almonds

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Farm to Table Freshness is What Makes Our Almonds Plump and      Delicious. They're the Best Tasting Almonds We've Ever Had!

       Plus FREE SHIPPING to the contiguous USA!

Ellie’s Best Raw Wild Harvest Sweet Almonds are lightly steam pasteurized and sold in 3, 5, 10 and 25 pound bags at excellent prices.  They provide superior health and nutrition because our grower has had almost 150 years to develop the best, most pure and natural methods to produce these sweet, tasty almonds. And they're sproutable!


  • Ellie’s Best  Raw Sweet Bulk Almonds are truly heirloom. Family grown since 1875 in the fertile soils of the Sierra Mountain Range. Our sweet flavorful almonds are grown sustainabley using pure mountain waters and water saving drip irrigation.
  • Our happy almond trees are lovingly tended by 5th generation family growers. These raw almonds are processed to the highest purity standards using low temp steam pasteurization, ensuring the freshest, most nutritious natural sweet almonds available. Always the newest crop and never stored in hot warehouses like other brands.
  • Perfect for fresh homemade almond milks, salads, baking and snacking. Our Wild Harvested Almonds are perfect for all your raw almond needs.
  • As with all our products, our sweet raw almonds are the highest quality and priced right as you'd expect from Ellie's Best. Alway Simple, Fresh and REAL!

    Five generations ago in 1875, a small family farming tradition began. The goal has always been to work in harmony with nature to grow the most natural crops that are free from harmful ingredients. In that time a great deal of wisdom was gained, allowing the achievement of those goals. The orchards heirloom almond trees are grown on some of the most fertile soil in the world.

    Today, many steps have been developed to use natural technologies to protect the consumer and the environment. An advanced soil management plan is in place that ensures that trees, wildlife and humans are guaranteed optimum health and environmental purity. For example, a huge solar array is employed to supply power, so every crop is grown and prepared with the power of the sun. Soil moisture reading technology is used to be sure not to over or under irrigate to conserve precious water. Regular soil testing is done to ensure soils are nutrient rich and fertile. We are proud to bring you these fresh, natural, raw almonds with exceptional flavor and sweetness for all your almond uses. We know you will love them as much as we do! Their flavor conveys the love that goes into them from farm to table and as always at Ellie’s Best, they’re Simple, Fresh and REAL!

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