Airtight Storage Container Set – 5 Sizes – Made in the USA


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Easy Open – Easy Close!

Airtight Storage Container Set

Always Fresh. Always Organized.

Beautiful, simply designed, naturally functional….. You won’t find a better container for all your storage needs. Designed by Japanese artisans with an eye for the modern and the traditional, packed with innovation to make your kitchen experience a pleasure.

Unlock the Riddle of the Stubborn Jar Lid

Did you ever long for a better way to open a stuck lid without painful and frustrating effort or having to get out the lid wrench? These marvelous 100% airtight containers have one click open and close lids! Gone is the pain and frustration of trying to twist open a jar lid with wet or greasy hands! At last the contents are but a click away! leave it to the Japanese to solve that one!

See Through Top & Sides

Easily identify the contents from the side or above with see through lids and sides. The silicone gasket keeps the jar 100% airtight and gives it an added aesthetic appeal.

Quality Construction and Made in the USA

I’m impressed. These are perfect for my needs and I can’t find a single flaw in these containers. They’re not just another jar, they’re beautiful and easy to use. I really love them!”  S.W.

In stock


5 Piece Airtight Storage Container Set

Always Fresh. Always Organized.

Our 5 piece Airtight Storage Container Set is a stylish collection of food grade canisters that give you the needed storage for your teas, nuts, coffees, pastas and anything that you want to keep fresh and easily accessible. In 5 popular sizes to fulfill all your kitchen storage needs. They’re American made and BPA free, and a sustainable solution to disposable packaging, providing ideal storage for bulk purchased items. Precision made and built to last for many years . Store bulk items in an airtight, viewable vessel that lock in freshness and keeps out moisture.

No more frustrating twist off lids! One click open and close even with wet or oily hands!

We are excited to be able to bring an ideal storage solution to all our health and style conscious customers.
Our stylish airtight storage containers keep snacks, cereals and dry foods fresher longer. Easy stackability and see through top makes organization quick & stylish. The spring-loaded lid is easy to close with just one finger.
• Keep dry foods, fresher, longer
• 100% Airtight Seal locks in freshness
• Includes 1 of each size: 4.3 Qt, 2.9 Qt, 1.8 Qt, 1.2 Qt, .5Qt
• See Though Lid & Silicone Seal
• One Touch Open & Close
•  Durable, high grade BPA Free PET
• Made in the USA

Buy Quality That Lasts

Thick wall construction gives these sturdy storage jars a quality look and feel. Unlike cheaply made food storage containers, these are Made in the USA and sport a silicone lid gasket that gives them style and an airtight moisture barrier. Freezer safe, with a see through lid and one touch snap lock makes them easy to close with one finger. The shatterproof durable body won’t crack when dropped or used in the freezer.

Spring Loaded Attached Lid

There is no need to unscrew the lid because it pops open for easy one-handed access and snaps back closed just as easily. There’s a fold-away handle on the 2 largest containers to ease the heavy lifting.

Stain & Odor Resistant

The BPA Free material used in these containers is food grade and will not absorb odors. It offers a glass like clarity making contents easily visible. It is lightweight and easy to handle for everyone. The removable silicone seal makes for easy cleaning.

Peace of Mind

At Ellie’s Best, we constantly strive to discover the safest natural and organic products. With Ellie’s you don’t have to worry about what you may be putting into your body. Our policy is to offer only those products that we know are safe for our family and yours.

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Weight 51 oz
Dimensions 16 x 6 x 12 in
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