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Fractionated Coconut Oil

100% pure and fragrance-free!

Its feather-light feel provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores. It’s excellent for dry or troubled skin & hair. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, not greasy like sweet almond carrier oils. It’s fully soluble with all essential oils, colorless, odorless, & will not stain or go rancid. Perfect in roll-on and spray bottles. Being thin and stable, it has many uses in endless applications.

COSMETICS: Our coconut oil is widely used in the preparation of soaps, lotions, and cosmetics. Use our fractionated coconut oil to make moisturizers for hair and skin, lip balms and spa treatments.

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AROMATHERAPY: Coconut oil is used as a carrier oil, since it facilitates the absorption of other oils and herbal extracts. Create your own blends for massage, bath oil or to create aromatherapy sprays for your home.

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HAIR CARE: It is also used in a number of hair care applications. The Perfect Oil for spa massage, sensual massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage & aroma therapy. It is an extremely versatile oil that can be used for making anything from bug repellent to hair serum.

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“I am a big fan of coconut oil. I use it every day on my skin and hair! My two complaints about it have always been that I smelled like coconut and the oil would turn solid in the jar in cooler temperatures. Then I discovered Ellie’s Best Fractionated Coconut Oil! I love this stuff! I slather it on after my shower, it’s odorless and it never turns solid. I find that it absorbs far better than the oil I was using and it keeps my skin softer for longer. I also put a drop or two in my hands, rub them together and run it through my hair before I blow dry. It keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy. This coconut oil has definitely become a part of my daily routine!”
“I LOVE this oil. I have thick, curly hair and found that using coconut oil in it gave me amazing curls. However, in a Wisconsin winter the oil was hard and trying to run it together to warm up to put in my hair took forever. I decided to try liquid coconut oil and will never look back! The pump works great, it’s lasting me FOREVER using 2-3 pumps a day. I use it on my hair and my skin and get the same results as I did with the regular coconut oil without the hassle of warming it in my hands or the microwave.”
Kate Hastings
“I won’t use any other coconut oil. Absolutely love this coconut oil!! So light and non-greasy! I use it for hair and skin!! Highly recommend this great product.”
Tammy M.
“I purchased this item as a deep conditioning alternative for my hair. Not only does it do a great job to create smooth, silky, and moisturized hair, it also works great as a body moisturizer and carrier oil. I keep this item in the shower as its pump and liquified texture make for easy and efficient usage. For the price, you cannot find a better natural product that can be used in so many ways. Absolutely love this, will buy again!”
Natalie Potter

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