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The perfect wash bags

For delicate fabrics, knitted items, finely threaded clothing, anything you need to keep separate in the washer or dryer.

Our Bigger Better Washing Bags are created out of sturdy materials and come in 5 perfect sizes, for everything from a bikini to thick, fluffy robes, and everything in between. Protect your delicate garments by keeping them separate from everything else in the washer or dryer. Use them to keep your socks paired, or for hosiery that always pulls on something or other. The uses for these amazing bags are really endless. But they will keep your clothing safe and make them last a LOT longer than they otherwise would.

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Make Time for What’s Important

Whether you’re looking at our lingerie bags for delicates or our Bigger Better Shower and Bath bags for organizing your bathroom, our products are so simple, but they make your life easier. It’s amazing the peace of mind you get from something as simple as the right bag for the right situation.

Our Bath Organizer keeps all your kids’ bath toys neatly in one place right where you need them.

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Our designer Lingerie bag is just what you need to protect delicates in the wash cycle.

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Our Bigger Better Tub & Shower Organizer keeps your bathroom tidy.

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“I can’t believe I’ve gone so many years paying an arm and a leg for undergarments without protecting them and cleaning them properly. I highly recommend these whether you’ve tried something like them before or not. They are high quality and effective as could be.”
Tessa F. Hill
“Perfect, roomy wash bags. I’ve now used each of these several times and they still look almost new. They’re very well made, and hold up much better than most of the bags that are made of thin mesh. The zippers are strong as well, and they even tuck into a slot on the side to keep the bags from opening mid-wash.”
Em Dee–Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer
“These laundry bags are great and very effective. I’ve had previous laundry bags in which the zipper would pop open while washing, but since these laundry bags have a little piece of extra fabric that holds the zipper in place this doesn’t happen. Additionally, the zipper is made of plastic so it can’t get caught on your clothes/tear them. Overall, these bags have been very useful and very convenient (especially convenient that they come in varying sizes.)”
Yulia G.
“These are the best lingerie bags ever. I love the ability to adjust the size according to my amount of laundry I have. I can’t stand washing my delicates mingling with the other clothes. The ability to separate them and keep them from going in the dryer by mistake, makes my hubby able to do laundry without making a mistake! lol. I recommend these to anyone that has Victoria Secret purchases that you don’t want to get damaged!”
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