What’s In Your Fractionated Coconut Oil?

What’s In Your Fractionated Coconut Oil?

There is a big secret in the oil industry that is kept under wraps by both manufacturers and retailers.

The fact is that the manufacturing processes used to extract oil from a plant source usually involves solvents. These substances are used because they are an inexpensive way to allow more oil to be extracted. Through a chemical process that breaks down the plant material, chemical extraction of the oil is accomplished. This chemical process usually leaves some toxic residues in the oil which you then ingest or absorb when you use it.

Residue tests done by the Cornucopia Institute in 2009 found hexane residues in soybean oil. So, we are very likely to be exposed to this chemical every time we ingest or use hexane-extracted oils on our skin and hair.

In my opinion, it’s better to know what chemical residues you might absorb when using products that are labeled “Pure” and that you assumed to be safe.


Hexane is a neurotoxic petrochemical solvent listed as a hazardous air pollutant with the EPA. It’s used to extract protein and oil from soy and other plants, but we don’t think that’s a sensible ingredient. Hexane is used because it is cheap and it works. Health effects are not well considered in the decision to use it, and as with many of our processed foods, profits come before people.

There is no law in the US requiring a manufacturer to list chemical residues or pesticides present in a product. They are only required to list ingredients on the labels. In foreign countries like China it’s beyond unregulated. You are usually completely in the dark about what residues are in your oils even when labeled “organic”!

Unfortunately, many of the fractionated coconut oils available for sale today are made in China. I know because I have been selling this oil for years and once made the mistake of buying Chinese oil. I soon discovered that it was not even close to the standards I had set for our products.


The idea that hexane and other toxic residues may be in the product that someone bought and uses on or in their body is a big problem for me. I can’t sell a product like that.

I will never offer products to our family of customers that I wouldn’t use myself or want my own family to use.

So at Ellie’s Best, we use only steam fractionated coconut oil from mechanically expelled and cold pressed coconuts.  It is a completely pure, food grade and hexane free oil.  You can use it with complete peace of mind for all your essential oil, aromatherapy, massage, carrier oil, skin moisturizer, hair mask and oil pulling needs.

Our essential oils are 100% Organic and the best to be found anywhere. Combined with our fractionated coconut oil, you will never have a worry about purity.

Visit our shop to see our full line of products.

– Mike Owen, Ellie’s Best


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