Introducing Fractionated Coconut Oil

Introducing Fractionated Coconut Oil

You’ve probably heard about all the great benefits of coconut oil, but maybe you’ve seen that coconut oil gets solid when it gets just a little cool. Fractionating the oil handles this problem, by removing all the long chain fatty acids. This leaves the medium chain triglycerides which is why its also called MCT oil.

This oil has so many uses and is a totally natural product. It can be used on the skin as a moisturizer, in the hair as a conditioner, and can be used in all kinds of homemade beauty and bath products!

I originally found out about it when my dermatologist recommended it for a rash that I had break out on my face and neck. I was really trying to figure out what caused it. The doctor suspected it was an allergy to a hair product. I expected she would give me some prescription for a cream to handle the rash, but she suggested I use coconut oil! Wow! You’ve gotta love a doctor that isn’t pushing the meds! I’ll give you her number if you are in Los Angeles and need a good dermatologist! Anyhow, I used coconut oil I had in the kitchen but it would solidify making it difficult to apply. Then I came across fractionated coconut oil and fell in love!

It has all the benefits of coconut oil but it stays liquid, is odorless and is easily absorbed into the skin making it non-greasy. Its the perfect oil to use as a carrier for essential oils and so many other things. We have created an ebook full of usage tips and recipes to get the most from our oil. We’ll be sharing more recipes and tips on our blog so stay tuned! You can check out our new product on Amazon.

We love to hear about your favorite way to use fractionated coconut oil. Let us know!

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