Labneh & Fig Toast

Labneh & Fig Toast

Have you ever seen a piece of toast as beautiful as this one!? We haven't!

@spinachdaddy used her nut milk bag to make labneh. Labneh is tangy, thick, and creamy. It is basically yogurt cheese. Just like Greek yogurt, it is made by straining yogurt until it loses most of its liquid. If you think of Greek yogurt as strained yogurt, labneh is extra strained yogurt.

She topped her toast with the labneh, figs, honey & more!


  • 16 oz whole milk yogurt 


  1. Put the yogurt in to your nut milk bag. Put the nut milk bag on top of a strainer over a bowl to collect the whey and liquid.
  2. Strain yogurt overnight for 2 days to remove the whey.
  3. Remove your delicious labneh from your nut milk bag and discard the liquid.

 Recipe and photo courtesy of  @spinachdaddy.

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