Cold & Sinus Immunity Juice

Cold & Sinus Immunity Juice

Simple Sinus & Cold immune boosting juice with a nut milk bag! 🥕🍊🍋🥒


  • Orange - vitamin c (remove skin)
  • Garlic - anti-inflammatory
  • Carrot - fights infection
  • Ginger - helps alleviate sinus pressure (fresh peeled)
  • Turmeric - the curcumin in it helps heal the nasal cavity and is anti-inflammatory (fresh peeled or powdered)
  • Celery & cucumber - help ls clear the nasal cavity too!
  • Lemon - helps ease congestion (remove skin)

* Add the above ingredients in the quantities you prefer. All of them together make a mean immunity booster! Enjoy!


Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend until liquified.
Strain the pulp from the juice in your @elliesbest nut milk bag.

Pro tip: Refrigerate your ingredients before making the juice so it comes out cold from the blender and you can enjoy without ice!

Recipe and image contributed by @behealthystayhealthy

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