Cold Brew Coffee with a Nut Milk Bag

Cold Brew Coffee with a Nut Milk Bag

Our nut milk bags are great for so much more than nut milks!

We are going to show you how easy it is to make the very best cold brew coffee right at home with only a couple of basic kitchen tools. If you have to have your coffee every morning like many people, but you don’t like the bitter acidic nature of it, then cold brewing is the way to go! With a 67% lower acid content, it goes easier on your stomach and your teeth!

Plus, you get the added benefit of the flavor of cold brewed coffee being much richer so you can actually taste all the distinctive notes of chocolate, fruit and nuts that completely go away when its brewed with a traditional coffee maker. Using our cold brew method you can really taste the coffee and you wont have to cover up the bitterness with a bunch of cream and sugar!

The best part is your coffee will last in the fridge. Once you filter out the grounds the coffee flavor is sealed in and you won’t ever have that day old coffee taste. Imagine how much time and money you’ll save by not going to Starbucks!

If you’re thinking cold coffee isn’t for you, then add hot water to the cold brew and you will have a perfectly brewed low-acid coffee that you will love! The cold brew is also great to use in recipes that call for coffee, the flavor stands out perfectly.

Okay, enough talking about it…lets get started! You will need a pitcher or mason jar, a nut milk bag, coffee, water and a spoon…that is it! Watch the video and get ready to make some delicious cold brewed coffee!


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